My book recommendations:

A short description of the rating system:

The meanings of rating from 5 stars to 2 stars is obvious but I'd like to explain the 1 star rating. It's not that they are bad books  because I would never really pick up something which was so bad that it deserved a 1 star. But I feel that something is dishonest about them and that they are famous for the wrong reasons. They are also easy works, one that appeals to simple emotions like our pity at extreme suffering (Arundhati Roy) or our adoration of the absolute, all conquering genius (Ayn Rand), or our gullibility against mystical ideas (Siddhartha), or our simple minded outrage fueled by lowest common denominator ideas of the age (God Delusion).

At some point in my life I had the misfortune of reading bestsellers by such peddlers of utter mediocrity as Jeffrey Archer and Robin Cook. They are not included in the above list for obvious reasons. Also not included are books which I consider appropriate only for those less than 15 years of age (Harry Potter, LoTR, Hunger Games, and the awful deluge of recent young-adult books).