Model railroad museum

I visited the SD model railroad museum to begin my new year. The museum has elaborate models of rails set within the industrialized settings of early 20th century. What I found immensely fascinating were the little models of shops, people, cars, bicycles etc. which formed the setting within which the trains were plying. I presume that the models represented some form of reality which must have existed 60 years ago. The deserted roads, the old beetles, an afterthought of a graffiti on the wall, little kids playing soccer, a wedding scene, all with a moving train in the backdrop.

2 observations on “Model railroad museum
  1. Amit

    I am incredibly fascinated and amused at the same time. How come some of the trains show motion blurriness while rest of the pictures do not? Were these model trains moving and you took the picture with normal shutter speed causing the blurriness with the evil design in mind to confuse people? Or are these just pictures of pictures cropped in there? Do tell.

  2. Ankit

    Oh you sharp eyed devil! Some of the trains were moving and I took some pictures at a higher exposure value. I thought it gave the little models an interesting touch.


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