To a reader blessed with a reasonable amount of Intelligence Quotient, the facts that I have a lot of time in hand and that I am inconsiderate and profligate enough to squander this entity, which to many, represents the most valuable possession possible but which, if endowed in abundance over someone like me can only result in its criminal abuse, should manifest themselves quiet readily upon his glancing over this piece, which has to its credit, neither one of the chains of logical reasoning which made many an illustrious careers, in fields as diverse as mathematics, philosophy, physics, investigative detection and professions of these sorts, most notably that of the victorian sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, nor does it have the emotional punch which might bring that tear at the corner of your eyes, nor does it claim to be comic, but in essence, is written just to test the sole capability of the writer in conveying his ideas in as long a sentence as his ability allows and the limits upto which a reader might go before turning dizzy, insane and possibly extremely hostile, the latter effect which is affected by the simple fact that it is not at all easy, making sense of all the blabbering which went into the last few lines and to deal with the realization finally that it was all, indeed, never intended to make any worldly sense, is very understandable but I hope that the reader will be able to recover from this taruma and shall read my other blogs which surely mmake much more sense.
4 observations on “One
  1. Vikram Mavalankar

    i am really goin dizzy readin tht !!!! sentences aapke khatam hi nahin hote.. aisa padh kar log bhaag jayenge, sirf hum reh jayenge.. 🙂

  2. Vikram Mavalankar

    😉 😉 hum to yahan hi hai.. kahin nahin jaa rahe.. likhte rahiega.. 😉 😉

  3. Amit

    This one is too good. I have decided to steal it, but yeah credit will be given to you in my post.


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